Museums Tomb Sweeping Holiday

2013-04-07 005

Went out to the historical part of the city in the rain, so we decided to dodge the weather by sitting in a Chinese barbeque bar.  Honestly, I’ve never seen a barbeque bar like this.  Every table has a little stove where the servers put in coal and light up the fire for you.

2013-04-07 006

Then you heat up the barbeque pieces on your own, dip in soy sauce before putting your taste buds to work.

2013-04-07 008_stitch

Oh another good, blue-sky day in Beijing, so I decided to visit the National Military Museum.  I got recommendations for this place from many people – locals and expats alike.

Except it was all walled up for renovation.  Visitors are not allowed to go inside its impressive, 3 floor exhibits.  A few rather impressive items were decked out under the temporary pavilions for the next two years.

2013-04-07 012

Including an old cannon made in U.S.A.

2013-04-07 014

First generation Chinese heavy-duty vehicles.

2013-04-07 015

Personal cars for leaders of the first generation Chinese army.

2013-04-07 016

Chinese first generation fighter planes.

2013-04-07 019

and missle

2013-04-07 020

Trucks and tanks.

2013-04-07 021

Since the military museum was closed, we decided to visit the Capital Museum.  I remember passing by this impressive building near here.  Is this impressive building it?

Nope, but thank god there was a map right next to that building, which simply told us we have walked the wrong direction and this is the headquarter of the National Railway.

2013-04-07 023

Now, this impressive building looks more like a museum.

2013-04-07 024_stitch

and its impressive front lobby

2013-04-07 026

This is how you enter the exhibits, just like going into a treasure cave.

Buddhism section totally reminded me of the temples in Mongolia, they have very similar statues.

Beijinger Cultural Section, where the exhibits center around a traditional Peking Opera theatre.

2013-04-07 036

Peking opera traditional make-up faces.

2013-04-07 037_stitch

Early life style.

2013-04-07 045

Looking out the museum from the top floor

2013-04-07 050

Hanging out at my neighbor’s place, where she taught me how to cook Thai rice.

2013-04-07 053_stitch

Gotta love running under the beautiful Beijing weather on Sunday.  Pollution, what?

2 thoughts on “Museums Tomb Sweeping Holiday

  1. Jenny! I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your blog! The website looks nicely done. Love the banner and the in-depth view of your life in Beijing. 🙂 The quality of the pictures are impressive! They seem to hide all the dusts successfully. 🙂

    I had no idea you’re also a Dr. Pepper fan! Glad they have it in Beijing. The Machu Picchu pictures are awesome! I always wanted to go. Looks like you have a good support group and social circle and I’m happy for you.

    • I was just wondering about you. So you made to Wuhan safey. Yeah come back to Beijing, it’s a lot of fun here! 🙂

      Have fun in Wuhan, keep in touch.