Nanjing, China Part I – Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum

First thing first, I was back to the U.S. with a broken computer.  It took me almost a month to get the computer replacement settled. So here it is, after a long writing hiatus, the last backpack trip I took before coming back to the States. Hopefully not the very last one 微笑.  

DSCN8355 (13)

We went to this yogurt shop because it was packed. Consider it an accomplishment if you can land both of your feet on the shop floor. Besides the delicious yogurts in all sorts of flavors, another feature attracted us was their intriguing and sometimes encouraging cup covers. 


Me greeted with the local yogurt.

DSCN8355 (2)

Eatery street filled with enticements.

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Another regular shop you find on a typical Nanjing street is the fried yogurt shop. I was bombarded with enough fried yogurt shop signs that I had to try it.

DSCN8355 (4)

To make the fried yogurts, you first spread yogurts on top of a hot pan

DSCN8355 (6)

Wait for it to solidify, then spread raisons and whatever toppings you want to add.

DSCN8355 (7)

Cut it up while it is not fully solid.

DSCN8355 (8)

Scoop into a cup when it’s done.

DSCN8355 (9)

The end product tasted like a sour ice cream.

DSCN8355 (10)

They even gave me a little pen as a gift – a pen that shaped like a pill. When you open it, it stretches out into a full-size pen.

DSCN8355 (14)

We fell in love with this boiled clams place. Whatever the shop owner is doing is delicious.


DSCN8355 (16)

Clean plate every time.

DSCN8355 (12)

Other enticements when we were so stuffed.

As planned,  the second day we have to visit Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum. Dr. Sun was the revoluntionary founder of the modern China. He passed away a few years after ending the 2000 years of Chinese feudal system. You can read his biography here.


As his grave is on top of a mountain, most tourists took a bus for most of the way.


Passing a lake on the way.


Another option is to take a tour train.


I got off the bus one stop early, and bumped into this interesting-looking bookshop.


The shop’s name: Librarie Avant-Garde

A friend who is a Nanjing native highly recommended this bookshop. Though this is not the original location. The shop is also renovated from an old building.

Looks like they did a good job on renovation. The original shop was also renovated from a parking lot church. It is dubbed the most beautiful bookshop in China by CNN:


Maps for couples.

DSCN8376 (2)

Coffee tables panned out in different sittings.


The Russian designer who designed this shop.

Through the moon gate were more outdoors seatings.

DSCN8378 (5)

Lounge chairs.


I will take a nap here.


Moving on to the main task of the day, Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum.


The park looked enormous, but only the lower right hand side is the actual Mausoleum. The rest are other palaces and Imperial Mausoleum built during Ming Dynasty – for a separate park entrance fee of course.


Since his grave is near the top of a mountain, continously walking straight is all that you can do to get there.

DSCN8394 (2)DSCN8394

The real climb.

DSCN8395 (2)

A monument indicating his grave.


Finally, after some 30 minutes climbing under the hot sun, we were at the granite building holding his grave.  To respect the influential figure, no camera was allowed inside.


A view of Nanjing from Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum.

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  1. Very intriguing! Fried yogurt!!

    All the posts you have made….your ethnic heritage is so RICH Jenny. You have changed and enriched my life through the recording of your travels. I know we will meet up again soon! Madrid and Copenhagen will not be the end of the story.

    • Thank you for having me! I know travel changes you, and your perception of the world. We should definitely meet up again. Keep traveling 🙂