National Museum Ceramics Visit

Meet Mr. Apple-Vodka. Was introduced to this bottle in a French restaurant the other day.  This strange looking concoction was made up with a small apple and vodka.  Put a small apple through the bottle mouth into the vodka.  Let it soak everything inside until it gets so big that it cannot retreat its way out.  Now, it’s time to enjoy the apple flavored vodka.

2014-07-14 013_stitch

Tian’anmen Square on a good day – view from National Museum.

2014-07-14 015

National Museum

2014-07-14 011

Long line at the entrance

Inner courtyard.

2014-07-14 018

Scrutinize before thy entrance.

2014-07-14 020

Grand Hall

2014-07-14 021

The other side of the grand hall.

2014-07-14 026_stitch

Passing through the bronze exhibit.

Ancient pot named “Ding”.

2014-07-14 028

Featured exhibition of artifacts from Hubei, where I was born.

2014-07-14 029

Delicate pot crafted in strange looking animals.

Tiger teapot

2014-07-14 038

Ancient rice cooker, where 24 holes were placed in the middle for water steam to go through from the bottom.

Ceramics exhibit.

2014-07-14 041

Tiger pot.

2014-07-14 049

Wood imitation

2014-07-14 053

Blue glaze

2014-07-14 054

Red glaze

2014-07-14 055

blue glaze with gold inlay and doves attached on the side.

2014-07-14 061

Multi-color glaze with inlay contours

glaze color turn out gradients.

Imitating western style

Garlic-mouth vase

Wood imitate

Bronze imitate

Elegant carving inside the bowl

2014-07-14 078

Ancient ceramic pillow with glazed scriptures

two glaze colors blended together

Purple and red

2014-07-14 087

western imitation

western imitation with Europeans depicted.

2014-07-14 096_stitch

Grand hall view from ceramics exhibit.

2014-07-14 100

ducks feet for dinner.