New Year Gatherings

Sorry for another two weeks of break, I went to Yunnan for vacation and just got back.  I will post all the pix as soon as possible.


My aunt came back to visit from Canada, so my other aunt, who lives in Beijing, got all of us together. Apparently, because I was gonna be gone for the next two weeks, the only chance that I’m going to see her after some odd 20 years is now.  But ya know… I gotta work that day, and no excuse to take off early, uuurgh!  So everyone waited till I get to her place through all the traffic in Beijing around 8.


My first broken chopstick in my life, served.


After the dinner, we hangout around my aunt’s flat till my other aunt has to take the train.  Hmmm… then some of my cousins took a de-route to check out my nice little one-room apartment in the other side of the town.

Like a spell, the next day, I was served another set of funny chopsticks – a set with three sticks in it, reminded me of those Siamese twins…..


In every OK-looking company in China, they will have something called “年会“ (annual gathering), where every employee is invited to somewhere fun to conclude the last year and open the next year..  Funny as it sounds (like you aren’t gonna do that without it?), but yes, Chinese just happened to love gatherings.  Though I wouldn’t blame them, it offers me a wonderful opportunity to take a few hot baths at thermal springs when everything around me is near 0 degrees, not to mention the delicious Chinese foods I get to try.


So… I was digging my way with James (another coworker) to find seats for ourselves somewhere in middle of this 1000-people room before he exploded, “we are sitting there!” Like a lost child found her direction, I immediately found this just a couple rows in front of us….


Wait! NO! it was the first row!  I’m sitting right next to 领导 (managers).  Although this seat features a nice name tag and special white tea cups, and… hooray! head phones for those who don’t speak Chinese (and I wondered who would use this, since all the foreigners here are Chinese-speaking as well)….  There there, no chance to misbehave, not even a hiccup in the middle of a funny sentence.


Though I do get a perfect view of the stage, and I made sure to maximize this opportunity with my camera.


They had this little girl pour tea for us, a Chinese custom well-observed over the last few hundred, if not a few thousands years….


and the audio people still hard at work.  Wait, I thought it was a gathering for everyone, and you are still working?


One thing I really liked about this gathering, our hotel room in this resort was super awesome! me and Yulia (another coworker, girl) shared this room… Sometimes I wished they hadn’t had so many events so I would just lay in my bed till my stay is up.


the award ceremony


new officer inauguration


preparing for the dinner table, and I can’t wait.


the food themselves are ok, but the snacks are awesome.  That’s right, get it before it’s gone!

and I wished to take some of the pictures of the awesome pools in our thermal park, but I lost my slippers there and I wasn’t about to risk my camera with it… maybe next year, I will make sure to take some pix to share with you Smile