New Years Eve, New Year

It’s the start of Winter in Chinese lunar calendar, and everyone should eat dumplings. I also contributed to the dumpling restaurant industry my fair share….


A couple of us singles got together and had a drink right before the New Year count down…

Welcome the first second of 2014, Beijing time.

After the bar time we went to the big music hall next door.  I was always curious about this place… Little did I know it was filled with students….

2014-01-05 015

As early as 1am in the morning, this place is still full of people….

Grand chandelier draping over the lobby

2014-01-05 018

raffles and prizes

Of course, a Chinese all-time favorite, KTV hall.

Budweiser bottle display

2014-01-05 023_stitch

Grand buffet hall

2014-01-05 025

2014-01-05 027

In the main hall, some people definitely fell asleep in their efforts of waiting for the New Year.

2014-01-05 029

For the New Year, I took a walk around Beihai park… I was surprised that the lakes weren’t supposedly all frozen.

2014-01-05 030

People actually took efforts to disinfect the boats every day.

2014-01-05 038

Then we went off to Chaoyang Park to kill off the rest of the boredom;

2014-01-05 037

Where I found people flying kites.

The kite man.

2014-01-05 041_stitch

The American-style outdoor shopping mall next to the park.

2014-01-05 043

2014-01-05 045

2014-01-05 049

George and I used to dance at Modernista.  So we went there to check out a Xingjiang band one evening.


The multi-tasking guitarist – working while smoking

2014-01-05 050 (2)

George, “Oh, NO.”

2014-01-05 073

I’m with his glasses.

2014-01-05 074

2014-01-05 075

My turn.

2014-01-05 085

One of my favorite T-shirts from him.

2014-01-05 086

The Latino table next to us were definitely mesmerized when the band played some Spanish songss.