New Years Eve

Last day of work before year 2015, I was sent off to another location for something and wasn’t going to come back to the office. Then I remembered something and had to come back.  I barely put my bag down before one of my coworkers peeked out from the meeting room, “Jenny, come in!”

I barely replied before she went, “we are talking about you, come in!”

Nervously, I settled my things and hurried myself into the meeting room. 

To my relief, my coworkers were having a good time and they were wondering where I was.  Thank god I wasn’t in trouble. At least save the scold for the next year if there is any Winking smile.

2015-01-01 001

People stood around the meeting table filled with food and drinks, “Here, have a bit of red wine!”

2015-01-01 002

Fruits too!

2015-01-01 004

Worriers in my office.

Examine the pictures.


Since I have to wake up at 5 the next morning and travel all day, I wasn’t going to any places for New Years Eve, but my friend Li Cong got a party not to far from my apartment.  It looked like a lot of effort and fun and I had to check it out.

The party consists of two parts, you have to run a 2-miler and then there are a lot of prizes afterwards.

I got to the place, which is right beside a dance studio that I used to practice my salsa in.  I didn’t know there was actually a neat, low-rise and hip pedestrian mall right next to the immense office complex that my salsa studio situated. 

I found the place, which turned out to be a little private night club. Without the big sign for tonight’s event I would probably miss it all together.  It was really dark when you step in. 

“Is this the Stardust event?” I peeped in.

“Yeah! come in!”

“Eh, where is everyone?”

“They are still running.”

“I thought they started at 9, it’s been an hour?”  I was surprised that a 2 mile would take that long to run – I would walk more than 2 miles in an hour.

“Yeah.  They need to warm up and some times it takes a little longer because some people like to slack off.” 

Ok, since I feel awkward that it’s actually a night club and I came by myself – in my sweater and bike shoes, I just stayed at the registration and chat up with the volunteers at the event.

Before you go up, don’t forget your sponsors.

2015-01-01 007 (4)

2015-01-01 007

First person I met at the party, a junior majoring in communication in college.  Look how much less she had put on for the event – oh wait, because I came here on a bike, ha!

2015-01-01 010

Beautifully decorated wall illumination.

2015-01-01 011

See those guys dancing there alone? You girls should go up there.

The drinks guy was so nice.

2015-01-01 015

Breaking ice.

2015-01-01 016


With my friend Li Cong.  Apparently they slept very little these days putting up this event, even now he hasn’t stopped working as the photographer at the party.

People wearing light stuff, even matching illuminations.

2015-01-01 025

The space suit is also the work from Li Cong.

Technology these days give people excuses to stay busy at a club by themselves.

Beautifully designed illuminated murals


Butterfly fairy.

They got face painting going on in another room.

2015-01-01 040

The paints are completely safe. They are even edible.

On the work bench there was an octopus specimen in a glass container, not sure how he ended up here – or if he’s alive at all.