New York in One Day

2014-01-25 023

Going to New York from Beijing Capital Airport – one of the best serviced airports in the world.  Among a bunch of free amenities, I found this luggage cart with a special baby seat most intriguing.

2014-01-26 079

20 hours later, I have arrived in New York City, our fine United States of America.

I found Chinese corporations advertisements on the very top of our Time Square centerpiece.

Xinhua News Agency, the biggest Chinese news media, notorious for government filtered, non-transparent reporting.

I like this Chinese company better than Xinhua, one of the biggest Chinese appliance manufacturers.

2014-01-26 085

With my friend James.


2014-01-26 089

Not too impressed with the NYC subway, next time someone complains about the Line 1 of Beijing subway, I’m gonna kindly remind them the NYC’s old subway Smile

2014-01-26 091

Vandalized advertisement.

2014-01-26 092

Half of the vandalized face was moved over to its neighboring ad.

2014-01-26 093 (2)

The other half on another neighboring ad.

2014-01-26 093

Ground Zero.

2014-01-26 094_stitch

Apparently the area is going through a facelift. A new skyscraper was erected and something else is undergoing construction.

2014-01-26 102

Ground Zero park.

2014-01-26 107_stitch

Original site of one of its fallen towers.

2014-01-26 111

2014-01-26 116_stitch

2014-01-26 128

2014-01-26 135

A new museum to be opened….

2014-01-26 133_stitch

Catchy museum building.

2014-01-26 139

We wondered if the flowers are dedicated by these victims’ family or friends.

2014-01-26 140

9/11 memorial mural.

Passing by New York Stock Exchange.

2014-01-26 143

2014-01-26 172

Taking a ferry to see Statue of Liberty.

2014-01-26 144_stitch2


2014-01-26 148

Brooklyn Bridge.

2014-01-26 154

Statue of Liberty by the sunset.

2014-01-26 160

…standing on the lone Ellis Island.

Jersey City, Manhattan, Brooklyn.

2014-01-26 174

James forgot his hat on his way out, so I lent him mine… which he has been referring as “the most sissy”…

For the evening, we grabbed the rush ticket and went to see Chicago on the Broadway.

Celebrity murderers gathering.

2014-01-26 181

The Lawyer.

Press release.

2014-01-26 184

2014-01-26 185

2014-01-26 186

Court testament.

2014-01-26 187

and our fine musicians.