Old Summer Retreat, Chengde, China

I have long been wanting to visit old Summer Palace in Chengde.  It’s already pretty late in the year consider this place is a summer retreat, so it does get cold in the winter.  But with my mom’s visit we decided to squeeze in this trip so there is no regret this year.

2014-10-24 009

The elegant sign over the gate, with the first character (right most character) blatantly wrong, but the tour guide suggested it was an “intentional mistake” since the emperor wants the character look more elegant and balanced. Either way, you gonna get what he meant, and he was the emperor.

2014-10-24 011_stitch

2014-10-24 014_stitch

Throne at the center of the first big courtyard, looking straight out to the gate.

Building with the original woodwork, all rare woods that would shine under the light.

2014-10-24 017

2014-10-24 019_stitch

Where emperor would receive foreign dignitaries and showered with gifts.

2014-10-24 021

Buildings in the courtyards connected by long hallways, so even during the rainy days people could enjoy the outside.

2014-10-24 022

2014-10-24 023

One of the 200 sets of bronze sign sets in the garden.  The others were all melted by the Japanese to make bullets during WII.

2014-10-24 025

stone stairs symbolizing clouds reaching second floor, as if the emperor is riding on clouds.

2014-10-24 027

Now the inside of the buildings were converted into museums displaying various items found in the Retreat.

2014-10-24 028

Glassware museum.

Original cobble stone roads, made in patterns of chrysanthemum.

2014-10-24 031

Clock museum

2014-10-24 035

Porcelain museum, with 4 half vases purely for hanging decoration.

Now, out to the garden.

2014-10-24 041

2014-10-24 042

2014-10-24 0492014-10-24 053_stitch

Beautiful magpies still reside all over the garden.

2014-10-24 060

Tower over see the entire garden from the center, but it was not open due to renovation.

2014-10-24 067

Entering a separate yard with a pagoda in the back.

2014-10-24 073

The pagoda was also under renovation and therefore closed.

2014-10-24 076

It still has wind bells on all of its corners.

2014-10-24 077

stone windows only served as a decoration.

2014-10-24 079

Mom was wondering how they threw these heavy stone rails on the ground, turned out they were props for movie scenes, so they were made of foam.

2014-10-24 084

Birds that live here forever because staff would leave them food.

2014-10-24 087

2014-10-24 088-1

Another gazebo looking over the park from a mountain high up.  You can enter from the gate on the left side and walk up for an hour.

2014-10-24 091_stitch

Courtyard with lots of rockery and ample amount of water.

2014-10-24 095

2014-10-24 098

Gazebo with rocks and water under it.  Emperors used to entertain his guests with foods and wine here.

2014-10-24 103

2014-10-24 104

2014-10-24 107

2014-10-24 111_stitch

An exceedingly elegant island in the center of the lake.

2014-10-24 114

On the island.

2014-10-24 123

This is where the first few emperors lived and worked.

Elegant carvings still abound.

2014-10-24 133

2014-10-24 135_stitch

Old throne.

A small custom museum nearby.

2014-10-24 147

Women’s shoes in old days, small bound shoes for bound feet and high bottom.

2014-10-24 157_stitch

rock made to resemble a turtle.

2014-10-24 163


2014-10-24 166

Path to cross the lake, with a few gazebos lined up to keep you out from the blazing summer sun.

2014-10-24 177

Old way of nailing everything together.  They would use big iron binds to bind the two stones together.