Oslo, Norway Part I

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I was a bit unprepared coming to Oslo only two days after its shooting incidence. As its first timer Oslo will always be remembered as a city in deep shock and sadness. I was actually looking forward to stay in my down-town youth hostel, until I learned that this place was just 2 blocks away from the bombed government building. Not only now this place is surrounded with grieving people, it also had a lot of blockades that adds to the complexities of getting in and out of my hostel. The hostel was a typical Norwegian one – nice and expensive. I met a few friendly people here. One guy was going to trekk around Norway by himself with his tent and trekking poles, some other people shared their disappointment of the shooting incident with me. Soon my hostel became a place to exchange information about the current tourism status in the city, which place was open, which place remained closed, for how long, etc.

A lot of places were closed during my stay in the sad Oslo. This includes the royal palace and its palace up in the castle. I was almost very disappointed to see that the castle was closed, but after I found a backdoor, I realized that it was actually open that day – just the building where the museum was housed was closed.

Following a friend’s suggestion, I also went to Viking Museum on the museum island. There was a little land strip between the museums and the rest of the city, that area belongs to the royal family and the King lives there during the summer. I wasn’t quite aware of this until I saw a guard in his summer garden (which I mistook as a forest). The young lad looked at me as I pass by and I looked at him curiously. Then I gave him a friendly wave, and he waved back – poor guy, what a lonely place for a job…

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