Packing for China

2013-05-17 335

First thing first, my little hill of letters waiting for me to open – some of them have been there for the past 9 months…

A couple days later, I found Jule’s card in my freshly arrived mails.  I knew she said she sent me something right before Christmas when she was in India, and it looked like it has traveled a long ways from India to Texas.

2013-05-29 243

Though they were among my favorite fragrances, I was surprised to find them in expats homes while traveling in Mongolia.  Now I know why, because everywhere you go, there is nothing like these lotions to feel like home.

2013-05-29 246

and no, you can’t find high quality hair products in China either, so better stock up here.  You wonder where had my hair gone to during the past 9 months, it’s those highlights that can’t be taken care of with Chinese hair products.

Who wants to buy Coach bags 5 times the price when you can get them within 10 miles from home at factory outlet price.

2013-06-04 002

While I was gone, my Iraqi friend has talking about when I should come back, and I came back Smile

He taught me how to drink Arabic coffee.

2013-06-04 005

and strange desserts.

Hanging out with my cousin at Royal Thai, a top Thai restaurant in the area.

The mango wrap appetizer was definitely a good start.

2013-06-04 115_stitch

Going to meet up at Haider and got stuck on the bridge going from Interstate 75 to Loop 635 for 45 minutes.  Haider was quite excited when he first heard that I got stuck on the bridge, “that will give me some room to make up”… and then 45 minutes later when he arrived at the place – and I was still on the same damn bridge!

2013-06-04 117

Backed up traffic all over Loop 635 and Interstate 75

2013-06-04 128

Like a ritual, dad wants family picture before my long departure.

2013-06-04 134

I left Dallas amid the sunset in west Texas

2013-06-04 137

Where you could see storms roaming through the desert, with occasional lighting strikes.

2013-06-04 140

and by the time we arrived at New Mexico, the sunset was at its most beautiful moment.