Perm, Russia

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I couldn’t find any hostel in Perm and Omsk so I looked for couches on in these two places.  To my surprise, both hosts accepted me within a day.  I was overjoyed on how hospitable and friendly the Russian couchsurfing hosts are.

Following her instruction, I took bus #1 to the city center where she waited me at the bus stop.  She then took me to her little cute one bed-room efficiency apartment.  This is probably the first time I lived in an efficiency.  Ok there was one time I almost rented one, but the land in Texas was so cheap that I found another deal a little later.  It was really old but it is pretty much all she needed to live here in the city center.

That night she helped me to look for a train going to Kungur for the ice cave.  Then she recommended me to visit the art museum at the city center.  Next night we walked together.  “Do you know what a pelmeni is?” She asked.


So we went to have pelmeni for dinner, it turned out to be those Russian dumplings I had in St. Petersburg.  I just don’t know what they were called….  We talked a lot of girls stuff together.  She talked about her boyfriend who’s currently in the army stationed in Siberia, and she showed me all the money origami he made for her.  I told her that I think Russian girls are hot, “really?”

“yeah, with too much makeups and pretty dresses…”

From Perm, Russia, posted by Jenny Zheng on 10/19/2011 (95 items)

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