Porridge Pot and English Salon

Yang talked about a porridge hot place not far from where I live, so one morning went there for breakfast.

2014-07-26 006

A huge pot of porridge in the middle of us, dump anything and everything in between edible and delicious there, when you smell fragrance it’s probably ready.

2014-07-26 009 (2)

First serve, light porridge, great morning appetizer.

2014-07-26 003

mashed shrimp and fish.

2014-07-26 007

Live shrimps stuck on sticks, ready to be cooked.

2014-07-26 008 (2)

Cooked alive, at least the pain is a fast one. You could hardly see they struggle as their tails go from gray to rainbow. When settled with red, the grill is over.

2014-07-26 008

A minute ago you were alive just like your buddies behind you…….


Nana opened an English salon for students interested in studying overseas.

2014-07-26 020_stitch

The English salon

2014-07-26 010

Guest speaker is Theo, a fellow gifted Nigerian English teacher.

2014-07-26 011

A music video about foreigners in China.

2014-07-26 015

My friend Liu Wei, a fellow English-Chinese translator, is the cameraman this time.

2014-07-26 016

Organizers falling asleep.

The beers downstairs are served with interesting glass sets.

My office is giving out popsicles, lots of my favorite favors.  I had this snowman popsicle when I was little, glad it is still around nowadays. Ah, good times.