Possibility of Teaching English for Free

I thought about this for a while, since I can’t really teach English in China as an Asian American, why can’t I just tutor some kids for free and try to get paid customers later? Not that I’m desperate to teach English, but since I am a bit free it doesn’t seemed to hurt in the long run… However, I’m not very sure if my fellow Chinese would value my time if I teach them for free. I bet the kids would do their assigned homeworks more diligently with someone who charges them $100 per hour than someone who charges them $0.

I knew first hand that I would practice dance moves with a lot of diligence when I shell out that $90-120 per hour for some of those crazy good dance teachers. No wonder some people came up and told me, “I see you improved in no time, you are the student under Xyz.” and here I thought, “it’s not just the teacher, it’s also my motivation…. when I spend $120 per hour for my dance lesson, I better make sure that every single minute counts…twice if not more than that!”

Coming back to giving free teaser English lessons, though my value is diminished, it could work in the long run depending on whom I’m dealing with at first. Again, I just dived in here in China with absolutely no idea what I’m getting myself into. I only pray that God is leading me in the right direction.