Potosí, Bolivia, Part I – Mine Tour

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With the recommendations from our tour driver, we signed up with a reliable bus company for a bus from Uyuni to Potosí at 10am.  We arrived at the bus station at 9:30am and were told that we were placed with another bus company since this company doesn’t have enough passengers to have a bus.  After an hour of waiting, we were quite disappointed to find our bus is not a comfy tourist bus as promised, but a rather half-broken bus that does not have enough space for everyone.  Some people ended up standing for a while and had to wait for others get off in the middle before getting their seats.

As the highest altitude city of its size, we were quite worried about the altitude when we got there.  I didn’t feel much difference until I had a lama steak and ended up throwing up in the hotel in the middle of the night – “never lama meat again” I said to myself.  While walking around town I bumped into a tourist agency selling tours to the nearby Cerro Rico mines.  That night Pavel found the flyer the tour guide gave me, and he really liked the idea.  So after dinner we went over to the agency again and signed up for the tour.  Next morning we had one of the most realistic tour in Bolivia. Our tour guide – a ex-miner who learned English from tourists and now speaks fluent English – gave us a tour into a co-op tunnel in Cerro Rico, told us their god Tata Kaj’chu and a typical life of a miner.

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