Prague, Czech Republic, Part I

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Fortunately, Poland has a new bus company that sells extremely cheap bus tickets. Following my hostel’s suggestion, I easily booked myself a bus going to Prague from Warsaw. The ticket costs only 20 euros, though later I learned that if you book early, you could get it as cheap as 5 euros or even 1 euro. The only thing was that I had to spend an entire day on this 12-hour bus. Fortunately they got a slow internet and electric charger so that I could stay on computer all day.
Despite the fact Prague is a popular tourist destination and couches are on shortage during its peak season, I found a couch with a lot of search and quite a bit of luck. My host is a Kurdish student from Turkey on an internship in Prague during summer. He was probably the warmest person I have ever encountered. Since I got here during a weekend, he showed me around the city. “Prague is beautiful, but you could tour the entire city in one day.” And we did just that.

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