Pre Mid-Autumn Festival and National Holiday

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Someone in my office got married last weekend.  Apparently when you get married in China you should pass around candies – of course I was the first one to finish all of my portion.  Gah people in my office should get married every weekend.

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Although China does not have national elections, that does not mean politics is out of ordinary Chinese’s daily dinner table.  DiaoYu island, a territory China has been claiming for the longest time, is currently under some Japanese buyout. I never thought a stingy island would fire up so much fury in China… I’ve been getting quite a few anti-Japan emails through work and there were signs and Chinese flags everywhere inside and outside of the city saying something like “XXX Island is Ours” or “out those little Japs” – my best translation… So much, that the prime minister of China has been issuing formal statements on TV to calm people down…

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People signing their names on the Diaoyu related banner

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There is a new girl from South Africa in my office.  Everyone was so curious about her and people started passing out the history of South Africa on group chat.  Then someone asked, “are you indigenous? (as implying if she is a white settler)”  She said, “umm… a little.” Then she left.  “See, you guys scared her away!” someone in the group griped.

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It’s the week before mid-autumn festival (kinda like Thanksgiving).  My dad’s company passed out their moon cakes.  Yum!

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Each of them had three layers of wraps: a yellow baglet outside, then a plastic wrap stating the ingredients and the stuffing, and then each cake is warped in a plastic cup.

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Next day, it’s our turn…. My company passed out these moon cakes wrapped in gift boxes and gift bags.  I had the longest wait in my life for those moon cakes to arrive by my desk, but nothing came up, nothing went by my desk. Pretty sad thinking I was disqualified from getting the moon cakes, I asked the HR what happened, she told me just go to the cargo box and get them myself…..

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Then dad got one of those fine moon cakes from his client.  Now our house is filled with moon cakes.  I have never ate so many moon cakes in my life.

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Haven’t had those rice wines for years….  Their taste is somewhat improved recently, that or my taste buds matured overtime.  I hated these when I was little…..

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Since we sold grandma’s house, mom moved some leftover furniture from grandma’s house to our house.  The hardest piece is also our favorite piece – grandma’s dinning table originally polished and carved from marble some 50 years ago.  Unfortunately, this piece doesn’t fit through our door.  We left it at the bottom of our apartments building that night.  Next morning, after some rough decisions on tough love, we decided to saw the legs off so that it could fit though the door, then glue the legs back together.  As my mom went around our neighborhood looking for a saw, she bumped into our neighbor who tried to help her getting our table in without sawing the legs off. We eventually managed to remove the marble surface off from the table and haul the table through our porch.

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Interesting way of dragging a stack of woods in a plastic bag – just take out one piece from the stack and use it as the bag handle.

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I came here in July and now it’s almost October.  Needless to say I needed some sweaters for the winter.  So I went to shopping.  Now it’s almost national holiday season, everywhere is decorated with the national festivities.

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My favorite section of the plaza, the small-eats market.  There I always find new snacks to try…

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Night view of the shopping plaza

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An interesting picture of a woman’s face covered up by her hands