Pucón & Parque Nacional Huerquehue, Chile

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It wasn’t till the end of Kayak we found out that we were badly sunburned from staying out on the lake for 8 hours.  Pavel was red from head to toe.  As he was moaning on our way back we decided to stay in Puerto Varas for one more night for him to get better.  Next day we went to Vallarica and on the way there I read about Pucón and got very interested from it.  As we arrived to Vallarica, it turned out that we had to take bus to Pucón anyways if we want to hike in any national parks nearby, and it turned out that the bus ticket was actually cheaper going to our next destination from Pucón than from here (despite the fact that Pucón is further than here).  So we decided to move our stay in Pucón instead.

When we got to Pucón it seemed that all the hostels were booked so we were put up with a nice little hotel in the city center.  The hotel was not too expensive but we got a very pretty big room to ourselves.  Since the hotel had to take up the room the next morning, I eventually found a hostel not far from here that still had plenty of beds for Pavel to rest for the next day.  Next morning I set out by myself to hike around the park as Pavel took up the hostel and slept for the day.

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