Puerto Guadal, Carretera Austral, Chile

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The view along the lake from Chile Chico to Puerto Guadal is one word-spectacular!  With the lake surrounded by snowcapped mountains, and the sunset rays shooting out from evening clouds, changing the entire lake into a red and orange shattered glass.  We passed by some tiny villages that looked like in another world on its own time.  There is no word that could enough for the beautiful scenes we passed by.  No wonder it’s so hard to get to here, because people in here lived in another world.

We arrived to this little village late evening and were desparate for a place to rest.  After asking around, we were pointed to a small hotel in the village.  When Pavel asked for the amenities of this hotel the hotel lady told us, “four walls, a bed, a ceiling and a floor.” and she was quite accurate with that.

The festival in Puerto Guadal was much smaller than what we thought of, but we had a lot of fun watching villagers meeting up with each other and dancing.  The people here looked like natives instead of European settlers, and they certainly looked us funny whereever we walked.

From Puerto Guadal, Carretera Austral, Chile, posted by Jenny Zheng on 6/24/2012 (36 items)

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