Puerto Madryn, Argentina

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I got robbed the second time within 10 days after the New Years here.  When I got to the hostel here I found everything in my backpack was upside down – most interestingly, I couldn’t find my computer’s charger.  I thought lost my charger by accident in my last campsite but fortunately someone in my hostel had a leftover charger after her computer got stolen.  She was very happy that she could help me and I was very happy that I could replace my charger for my HP computer in no time.

But then as I thought about it – I remember putting my charger in my backpack that morning when I left the campsite and I left my backpack with the super nice owners of the campsite.  That evening I picked up my backpack and took the overnight bus to come to Puerto Madryn – how could it get disappeared?  Then I realized that my backpack could have been opened somewhere between that morning and now.  So I went back to my backpack and went through everything – I eventually found everything in my backpack went upside down.  My computer charger was on top of the backpack, now it was in the bottom of my backpack.  I left the bread that the campsite owner gave me for breakfast on the top of my backpack in case I get hungry, now it’s at the bottom too.  Eventually I had to lay out everything to check if anything’s missing 0 my backup camera and my U.S. $70 were taken out from my backpack.

Most shockingly – how could they find my U.S. $70 cash?  It is hidden on the very bottom of the backpack, and if a person doesn’t have enough time, he will not be able to dig all the way into my backpack, search through my documents, take out the U.S. $70 and leave all of my other currencies alone (I got Bolivian money mixed up with my U.S. $ as well).    Most likely this happened on the overnight bus since 1. the campsite owners don’t looked like the sort of people who would steal from me (especially they are willing to let me use their cabins free of charge) 2. there was a lengthy stop middle of the night at a police patrol, later I learned that police frequently open up passengers luggages and steal their belongings at those stops.

That was another few hours of sitting in the police station trying to tell them that I got robbed in a language that I don’t really know.

Besides that, I really wanted to check out the sunken ships off the coast of Puerto Madryn, but I need a diving license- and I almost went for a beginner license course but figured that I will be short on time with all the tours I have scheduled.  The license costs about the same as the world-wide average, and even if I get the license I’m still not experienced enough to explore the sunken ships with just a beginner license.  Complicated stuff – I just learned that in half a day while trying to figure out how to get into those sunken ships.

From Puerto Madryn, Argentina, posted by Jenny Zheng on 1/29/2012 (40 items)

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