Puerto Natales, Chile

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After a rather “boring” stay in Punta Arenas, we were immediately impressed upon arrival of this picturesque town.  Sitting on the huge blue lake backdropped with mountains surrounded by misty fogs, it reminded me of another world….

But we have no time to idle around here, our trip is tomorrow and we will have 4 days of challenging and rewarding treks ahead of us.  Putting our resources together, we rented out a tent, sleeping bags, and got enough stock of food for 5 days – fortunately the water around the National Park is safe enough to drink so we do not have to carry that with us.

I’m glad that the American owner of Electric Rocks let us try out his tent before renting it out to us – not many shop owners would trust their customers like that in this part of the world. Though I have sat up tents in Mongolia before, but I was around other people and I had never set up a tent on my own. This simple task was indeed overwhelming for a first timer. We were surprised how much we learned from the owner when he taught us how to sit it up.   Had we just took our tent and go, it would be a very bad idea to learn this under 100kph of wind that Torres de Paine is famous for. 

From Puerto Natales, Chile, posted by Jenny Zheng on 5/19/2012 (27 items)

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