My $$ Hungry Uncle in China

These days were not only the stress of my grandma’s health problems, but also the stress of my grandma’s house.   A couple years ago my parents bought this house under their name for my grandma to enjoy her late life.  Now my grandma is in hospital critical condition room. My mom’s little brother never showed up for days till one day he came up to tell my mom if my grandma doesn’t make it, he better get part of this house as his inheritance.

Ok, to start off, my grandma hadn’t passed away, and no one in the family wants to see my grandma die. Though now it seemed that my uncle wants to see her pass away as soon as possible so that he could get his hands on some money.  He demand us to pay him 80,000RMB (equialent of $15000) as part of this house’s inheritance or he will break the lock after my grandma passes away.  Appearantly the government doesn’t care because it is a “family affaire” despite the fact that my parents bought this house and the deed is under their names. My mom’s been trying to explain to me that the property rights and a person’s death will is regarded as secondary priority in China. Even if a person made his will, his death wish may not be fullfilled if there are a certain interlude that prevent it to happen. One of those episodes could be the family inheritance dispute. In the States, a person’s death will is regarded as highest priority when it comes to dividing an inheritance – because the person who left his wish could not come back to life to adjust his will. My grandma had a will, and in it she emphasized that her house deed is under my parents therefore it should belong to my parents. Not to mention, my parents were the ones who bought the house and has the property deeds. But apparently since my grandma lived in the house, which was originally part of a government contract through my grandma, the government does not care about the deed or her will…

It seemed that now we are forced to sell our house for an under-market price in fear that her little brother will break in if we keep the house to ourselves in case that my grandma passes away….

One thought on “My $$ Hungry Uncle in China

  1. For those with broomsticks trying to strike my uncle for his terrible behavior, please wait it out – I got several uncles in China. If you see those who come back to visit my grandma often then please spare your stick, those are the good ones. It’s the one that never shows up, and he will bang the door and flip over every stone on the door step the day something bad happens in the family. Make no mistake, that one needs some serious straightening up….