Right before the New Year, Beijing Snow, New Metro

set01 008_stitch

Beijing snowed!  Looking out the snowy intersection from my fifth floor window

Usually these signs are placed well within the sidewalks, some big car must got the skills to make the top one look like that….

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Beijing opened four subway lines right before the New Years… One of them, Line 6, has a stop just 5 minutes from my apartment, and it goes some of the most interesting/touristy parts of the city.

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and line 9, another newly opened line running north south cutting through the west side of the city

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On coming back to Beijing after the holidays, I found an especially large crowd lined up in front of the 周黑鸭 (ZhouHei Ya), a famous Wuhanese duck (meat) shop.  Apparently everyone’s leaving the city needs to bring these delicious foods back with them, especially everyone’s rushing back home on the same day after the New Year 🙂