River Walk along the Great Wall of China

Another weekend with Beijing Walkers.  We went immediately onto the Wall as soon as we got off the bus.

2013-07-09 083

First good picture of me and the wall

The original Great Wall of China – without any renovation or reconstruction

After clipping a couple pictures, my group went out of sight.  I yelled “HELLO!” and no response.  I knew I was lost.

I followed the trail till I was off the Wall, then I couldn’t get back on the Wall for a while till I found another spot going up.  I had to climb a couple towers all by myself before I heard people talking somewhere down the trail.  I yelled “HELLO!” again and no one responded. so I ran a couple steps towards where the sounds came from.

I was in just in time, everyone got stuck by this rock and they were just helping what they thought would be the last person of the group to slide off this rock.  I came up and shouted, “WAIT UP!”

And they turned around…

“How do I get down there?” I asked.

“Well, I thought I was the last one…. Ok, you hold this tree branch, thrust your foot to the opposite rock, then put this foot here – you can’t see this spot but it’s here. You just have to reach down and feel.”

and then another set of steep down hill.

Going up…

Inside one of the towers

2013-07-09 096_stitch

Panoramic view from the great wall… ahhh!

this is actually steeper than it looks

2013-07-09 103

More Walls to come

Beautiful butterflies all along the wall

Now where are we going?

2013-07-09 113

Hopping off the wall proved not so easy.  The Japanese couple in front of me had knee problems soon after.

It was so steep that we have to climb backwards

Notes from other backpackers

Waiting for other group members

2013-07-09 124_stitch

The view from the Wall

Ah… We heard people’s noises then saw a park at the bottom of the mountain.

2013-07-09 138

This is a scenic park for weekend vacationers

2013-07-09 142

Me and Yulia, my co-worker.

2013-07-09 144

Someone decided to come up with legs around my sandal… now it looked like a spider.

2013-07-09 145

Other pictures including this little pig.

2013-07-09 148

We had to cross the water to get to the other side.

Many came up along the rope.

Me and the River.

Wait, the trail is not just for you, it’s for me too!

Family picnic on a big rock in the center of the river.

2013-07-09 154

Water Paddlers cooling their waters in the river.

As I was approaching this bridge, I saw a couple cops coming through the woods. Since this is a newly developed tourist area, the locals set up these bridges along the path to help the tourists, in turn they will collect a fee.  A good concept right?  Many don’t agree, especially that the bridge are privately setup without any construction approval or safety check, not to mention it damages the look of the environment.  So many hikers opt to swim across instead.

When I arrived, the police was just resolve yet another conflict on the bridge between the tourists and the local who is trying to collect a toll for his bridge.  Several people were blocking the way.  “How do I cross here?”  I asked.

“How? I will show you how!” The angry man pushed everyone blocking the bridge aside, “this way, this is how!”

So me and the couple hikers behind me lucked out on the toll this time.

People taking showers in between the rocks where the fresh mineral water came up.

Be careful!

The Beautiful rock formation

Coming up our last bridge, we met a woman standing on one side of the bridge, putting her leg up on the other end.

“Did you bring all those foreigners in?” She demanded.
“No.” I answered,and when did I become a tour guide?
“These stupid foreigners, not paying anything and they get through my bridge for free.”
”Got business license?”
“Do you know what this is?”.
”Illegal.” I suggested.
”It’s illegal to cross my bridge.  We built it and you have to pay.”

Nannan came over, spoke to me in English on how to get over her barrier.  Soon I found myself scooping under the rail, get onto the other side of and hopped off the rock.

2013-07-09 170 (2)

We passed by a honey farm near the end of the river walk. He was so happy to see us that he let me see his farm.

I was freaking out when he took those bees out…

2013-07-09 176

But all was well…

He showed us the pollen blocks he’s selling. “Try it,” he urged, “they are sweet.”

2013-07-09 180

We found our bus right outside the village at the end of the river wall, so the party time begins.

Counting money after everyone got onto the bus safe and sound.  For Beijing Walker’s hikes, you have to pay 100 RMB (or $15) for the transportation.  The rest is free, though no safety is guaranteed based on those trail conditions.