Sacre Valley I – Sacsayhuaman(“sexy woman”) and the Stay in Cusco

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For the next week in Cuzco, I stayed at a local family’s home and studied at a Spanish school 4 hours a day.  There were two other students in my class, a middle-aged French man and a Dutch guy of my age.  Every morning the teacher pumped in as much Spanish as possible and every afternoon I studied furiously on my own.  My Spanish went up in notime.  By the end of this week I could speak bare minimum to get by.

From the advice of my classmates, I decided to take a tour around other Inca ruins in the area.  My first stop was Sacsayhuaman, dubbed as “Sexy Woman” by its visitors, right here on the edge of Cuzco.  Since the Spanish took away majority of its valuables and did a lot of damage, no one knew what those buildings were for originally.  Many archealogists guessed it might be a grand temple for the Inca god, though the exact meaning of these stones have already lost with the ages.

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