Sacred Valley II, Chinchera, Peru

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Next day I started my journey from Cuzco to Ollantaytambo, stopping on the way several ruins.  Apparently Cuzco has several bus stations depending on where you want to go.  The bus station I went has both Morrey and Chinchera.  Though it was quite tempting to go to Morrey because I heard that Morrey is not easy to get to, I decided to go with a safer bet to Chinchera.  I’m glad that I chose Chinchera, apparently the bus does go to Morrey town, but the ruin itself is still some kilometers away from the town itself.

Chinchera is known for its Inca-style catholic church.  After getting off the bus on a rainy day, the bus driver pointed uphill “over there is the ruin”.  I followed the hill and bumped into some Americans, they confirmed the way.  They were going to show me the ruins but were blocked off by the guy who’s checking off tickets half way up to the ruins.  So I was left alone on the hill, looking for the ruins, not sure where to go and no one was around.  I got to the edge of the town and passed by a house – beyond this house there was no more houses.  I saw a man working on some carpentry work and I pointed up hill, “are there ruins up there?”  He said a bunch of Spanish I could not understand, so I walked away.  Seconds later, three little girls from that house caught up with me.  They said a bunch of Spanish words that I couldn’t understand either.  After some confusion, the biggest girl wrote in her palm.  With my one-week basic Spanish I understood it as “would you like us to show you the ruins?”  Sure!

I’m glad that they showed me the way, we had to cross some small paths in pure mud mixed with various animal wastes – I would never knew this way had these friendly little girls not shown up.

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