Sacred Valley V – Pisac, Peru

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I could see the forts of Pisac at the bottom of the mountain, but I spent 2 hours of straight up the steep hill to get to the top of Pisac.  I almost doubted if I was going up the right way, but since I saw a few people coming down the hill the same way, I knew this must be way to the pisac at  the top.

The thing is, no one else was going up except me and two little local kids hopped pass by me.

It was a very hot summer, and I wasn’t prepared to climb for this long.  So I ran out of my half-bottle leftover water in no time.  Fortunately a Peruvian couple on their way downhill gave me one of their bottles, and they told me there were still some ways up.

I saw a Japanese when I was closer to the top, he was quite impressed with me.  It was nice to see another Asian up there, I had to say.

By the time I was almost at the top, I saw man playing flute.  “Come up,” He asked me in English, “You are almost here.”

I was completely exhausted by the time I got to the top.  While I was taking a break, the man playing the flute offered to give me a tour.  As we negotiated, all of other tour guides proceeded to leave for the day.  So we ended up walking around this place by ourselves.

When we got up to the top of the ruins, it hailed under the sunset.  Se took a small hut as the shelter and waited it out.  It was interesting to see the hail and millions of bright sunrays hit the ruins at the same time.  Nature was certainly working on its odds.

The guide told me how he was quite impressed that I climbed up the Pisac by myself, “normally people take a taxi through the other entrance, and you had to pay for a ticket.  You went through the back entrance and there is no ticket office there because it is simply too hard for most of tourists to climb up steep hills for 2 hours.  You are the 2nd person who came up this way today, and you deserve a free entry to Pisac.”

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