Salar del Uyuni, Bolivia

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We were lucky that we had to wake at 4:30am and get out around 5am since most of the groups queued ahead of us had to wake up earlier than that.  I did not know what driver went through to drag us to the middle of the salt flat, but after about half an hour of nap I found myself out from the jeep to see the sunrise.  We sat around watching the colors in the clouds change in between orange, red, yellow, and purple –but the sun was too slow for my patience in the bleak cold.  As soon as the salt hostel opened up I rushed in for a breath of warmth before running out again – by then bright sun rays already shot out from the clouds high and bright.

Since there was really nothing much to do in the salt-flat besides, well, seeing a plain of nothing but salt, we spent the next few hours working on taking funny perspective photos and you will see several in my photos here.

From Salar del Uyuni, Bolivia, posted by Jenny Zheng on 7/22/2012 (110 items)

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