Seville, Spain

I heard many beautiful things about this town – the history, the architecture, and the culture… However, I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed after hearing all those impressions from other travellers. Ok, it’s got a huge cathedral (3rd biggest in Europe, after London’s St. Paul and Cathedral in Barcelona), the royal family’s small palace which they occasionally stopped by, and a rather interesting history. But comparing to Madrid and Barcelona, this is still a small Spanish city that still got its Spanish-and sometimes Moorish style buildings…. a day or two stop is worth it, but don’t expect anything super amazing.

While there I met a guy from Taiwan, Jack, who vehemently expressed his dislikes of Chinese but partnered up with me for the day. In the royal palace I met two Texans and was very happy and felt at home talking with them. During the evening me and Jack went to a flamingo dance dinner show in a nicely decorated theatre before he left for Barcelona….

From Seville, Spain, posted by Jenny Zheng on 5/20/2011 (155 items)

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