Shanghai Bars and Shopping

2013-07-27 007

Went to Shanghai to visit Johnathan, my bachelor friend who was so excited to finally settled with a girlfriend. After dinner with them at a local Muslim restaurant, I met them up at the bar.

“Shanghai is a heaven for Western people.” Johnathan concluded.

“No,” I corrected him, “Shanghai is a heaven for Western white men.”

I had to agree with him, all the Shanghainese girls are so eager to bundle themselves up with white guys as some sort of trophy to brag around.  For a bachlor like him, especially now that his businesses are going pretty well, he would have no problems getting girls Smile

He showed me the shadow of a man leaning next to the lamppost


2013-07-27 011

And two hands coming out from the shadows.

Johnathan challenged me with absinthe.  Apparently it’s a drink forbidden in Texas due to its hallucination effects.

Ok, I have to admit, when I see my drinks are on fire, I’m more worried…

The drink turns white after being burned.

2013-07-27 014

The absinthe sure works, but not as strong as I had expected….

Second day, we decided to go to Yiyuan for some local foods and shopping.

2013-07-27 021

I was immediately caught onto those interesting looking tofus.

2013-07-27 023

Crab the length of a bottle.

2013-07-27 024

Giant lobster the length of a bottle.

Shaved ice stand.

The guy just scooped a bunch of ice and crushed them in this machine, then added the topping as I wished.

My shaved ice of 6 kuai (1 USD)

2013-07-27 051

stone impression stand

stand where you could watch old films, with the owner impersonating someone with a pigtail.

a little girl selling old black & white picture souvenirs.

The best steam buns place is here, where people lined up in long lines way out of the door.