Streets in Nanluoguxiang, Beijing

Went to a lecture at European Union embassy talking about China’s “leftover” women phenomena. Where women over 27 years old are tabooed as “leftover” and subsequently divided into smaller categories.

Women 35 and over are categorized as “Goddess” which if you manage it right, it has the same pronunciation as “leftover woman”.

2011-05-19 005

Doctor degree candidate who researched on this spoke.

2011-05-19 008

She talked about the unnecessary anxiety created among the women in the said group, where they would instantly give up their rights when they find a suitable mate.

2011-05-19 009

Green tea cheesecake.

Renfei is visiting from Shanghai so we decided to stroll around Nailouguxiang for the evening.

2011-05-19 013

beautiful clothing shop.

2011-05-19 015

Street painter.

2011-05-19 017

Beijing yogurts.

2011-05-19 018

Beijing street foods.

2011-05-19 022

2011-05-19 025

Candies bottled in funny remarks.

Regret Pills – a cure for all regrets.

Rejection pills.

2011-05-19 028

Beijing yogurt bottle penciled-in faces.

2011-05-19 029


Set of chopsticks in Peking opera faces.

Handling snake

or a squirrel.

Furry rabbits

prize certificates for family members.

2011-05-19 042


Hookah shop.

Snakes seller.

One vendor carried her dog with her.

Lovers meal, I wonder what it is…

2011-05-19 048

Deer skins, very soft.

Then we visited Renfei’s friend’s restaurant nearby.

Had an affogato with a scoop of strawberry ice cream on Saturday afternoon.

2011-05-19 064_stitch

Last weekend we’ve visited the theatre museum, this weekend we went to see a show at the theatre in front of the museum, Renyi Theatre.  The first modern theatre, founded around the time People’s Republic was founded.

The theatre kept its original name at its box office.

2011-05-19 068

We first picked a seat where a strong background light started to bother us.  We had to move eventually.

2011-05-19 070

2011-05-19 071

Super expensive fruit that shaped like human.