Sierra de la Ventana, Argentina

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I bumped into a campsite recommended on my Footprint guidebook after walking from the bus station for half an hour. Since it is right next to a river, I decided to settled town there with my tarp. As my first stop on my way to Pantagonia, I had to try out my tarp to see if it is a good option to replace tent during urgent situations – and it’s not. As soon as I started pitching my tarp tent, I realized that the tent stake I bought were too big for the holes of the tarp. Not to mention I had a hard time make my tarp to stand steadily. An Argentinian family next to my tarp saw me struggling and helped me pitching the tarp. When I came back that night, the owner of the campsite saw me sleeping in my tarp and took me to a cabin and tried to get me to sleep in the cabin without extra charge. I was very touched by her kindness but I really wanted to try out my tarp – it was a good test since that night there were high speed winds.. I was pretty worried that my walking stick- which is now a pole for my tarp – will fall down on my head and the whole tarp would collapse on me.

Next morning, as a thanks to my campsite owners for their kindness, I left this tarp with them.

From Sierra de la Ventana, Argentina, posted by Jenny Zheng on 4/11/2012 (53 items)

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