Sledge Hammer Mountain, Chengde, China

Second day in our Chengde stay, we decided to explore a strange looking mountain seen from our hotel.  Apparently the huge rock sticking out from the mountain range is one of the wonders around the area.  The locals called it Chuizi Shan, or Sledgehammer Mountain for the shape of the rock looked like sledgehammer sticking up.

We thought about going up by taking cable, but since the walk up is only an hour, we decided to just take the village road up there.

A little village restaurant hosted by folks who share my last name.

2014-10-24 186

A temple not too far up.

2014-10-24 188

2014-10-24 190_stitch

First courtyard.

2014-10-24 197

2014-10-24 202

The backyard goes up a hill and has a dome-shaped shrine up there.

You can see the huge sledgehammer rock sticking up behind the hill from here, like Jesus’ thumb.

2014-10-24 210

At the top of the temple.

2014-10-24 211

Old door hinge that still had holes for fastening the gates.

2014-10-24 212

Going further up to see the

Entrance of the Sledgehammer Mountain National Park.

They should really consider using the money collected from tourists like us to repair mountain roads like this.

2014-10-24 222

Autumn red.

First clear sight of the mountain.  Apparently there was still a valley between us.

2014-10-24 238

First destination is the frog rock.  The rock got its name because it looked like a frog when looking from the right direction, however, only mouth part remains if you walk up to the rock itself.

2014-10-24 240

Frog rock itself.

2014-10-24 241

Sledgehammer looking from Frog Rock’s spot.

Lots of tourists put sticks in between the gaps in the rock.

2014-10-24 250

2014-10-24 251


Finally we are at the bottom of the Sledgehammer.

2014-10-24 267

After a steep climb, we arrived at the top, where we can see the cable station at the top of the mountain.

2014-10-24 273

Not for the faint-hearted.  Do not look up, it will give you a vertigo.  My first time experiencing vertigo.

Mom and I.