SMU and Foods

One thing I missed about Texas is the cheap, quality country barbeque.  Although more pounds on top of my currently borderline overweight is certainly not the most desirable, I figured that I could still manage it once a week while I’m here.

2015-02-25 051

My favorite, like a lot of other locals here, is Spring Creek barbeque, especially when they have buy-one-get-one free on week nights.

2015-02-25 053

A friend from the UT alumni association has a nephew studying at Southern Methodist University, not far from where I live.  Apparently he came to Dallas without knowing anyone.  While I’m here I took him out for a Chinese New Year field trip.  Arriving at the campus, he showed me a bit of their main buildings.

2015-02-25 054_stitch

The inside looked like the Texas Capitol, with the dome top.

2015-02-25 055

And a metallic center.  “Don’t’ step on it,” he warned, “or you will get a bad grade.”  Despite the fact that I have left school years ago, I followed his instruction carefully.

Designed in 19th century classical style, the building spans two wings on both sides, creating a symmetrical aesthetic.

Classrooms are in conference room style, great for seminar/discussion sort of classes.

2015-02-25 064

I feel this building was a small copy of the Texas capitol. Even its top floor also imitated the capitol….

2015-02-25 065

As well as capitol-style dome decors.

2015-02-25 067_stitch

A window for those tired bodies after all those stairs.

2015-02-25 079

2015-02-25 072

While resting in the chair, you also get a glimpse of downtown Dallas.

And quietly observe the delicate carvings on top end of those gigantic columns, only up here you get to enjoy the intricacies of those carvings.

2015-02-25 082

His nephew studies accounting at their business school, which is another classical-designed building.

Apparently he knew a famous Chinese hot-pot restaurant chain (headquartered in China) just 5-minute drive from my home, interestingly enough, we lived here for a dozen some years and never knew (partly because I left my parents house a dozen years ago).


I used to buy this restaurant brand’s hot-pot seasoning in Beijing.  It was pricier but worth it, but I have never visited the restaurant itself.