St. Petersburg Part I – Nevsky Prospekt

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Maybe because of the recent Oslo shooting incident, the only other foreigner and I  on the bus had a long investigation at the Finland-Russia border.  I was fried over and over with stupid questions that I started doubting myself if I actually broke any Russian law before ever touching Russia.   After coming back onto the bus, the two of us had an all nighter conversation over a bottle of vodka.  The other foreigner on the bus is Joss, a British ESL teacher currently working in Saint Petersburg.  Thinking back, I had to thank God for my crazy luck – had someone like him (who knows this city who could also speak English to me) not shown up, I would have been so lost in this city that doesn’t speak English.

I gave him the map of my hostel, “oh that’s actually right across from the train station.”   He then asked the bus driver all of his stops, “I live just a couple blocks from you.”  So he got off the bus with me walked with me till we had to split our own ways.  Then he pointed left side of the big street coming up, “follow this street, go straight, cross the intersection, and you will see your hostel behind some buildings.”

It still took me sometimes to find my hostel – a business with only a star sign and a “SKH” on its door.

From St. Petersburg Part I – Nevsky Prospekt, posted by Jenny Zheng on 10/18/2011 (127 items)

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