St. Petersburg Part III – Vasilievsky & Bridge Opening(from boat)

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Vasilievsky is a mostly-residential island just across from the downtown St. Petersburg. This place was the original spot where Peter the Great wanted to first establish his city. It wasn’t long after opening of the contruction he found out that it was too swampy and marshy to have a smooth construction so he ended up moving his plans to the main land just across the Neva River. Even nowadays, a good number of straight streets named “lines” running through the island in clear east to west or north to south directions, those were the orignal canals that was going to act as streets in its original plan.

There was a huge grave area on the island – a part of it is under Orthodox governance and others were Lutheran or unaffiliated. Many patriots, along with those who starved to death during Nazi’s blockage (which left only a few hundreds alive after 2 and half years of no supplies coming into the city) were buried here. At the entrance these mass graves, many monuments and poems dedicating to those unfortunates stood, testifying in silence its harsh history.

These days are also the troopers day, where Russian marines were on vacation, reuniting with their families. There was a big fireworks this evening. After dinner, we went to see the bridge opening again, except this time we got a little smarter – we booked ourselves a boat to catch the bridge openings on the water.

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