Sucre, Bolivia Part I

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We were late for the last bus leaving from Potosí last night and had to take a taxi to Sucre.  The hostel told us if we could find two other people sharing the taxi it will be around the same price as going by bus.  So the hostel arranged us a taxi pick-up.  The driver took us to a small plaza by the edge of the city and told us “this could be hard, don’t count on finding more people at this hour of the day.”  Soon enough he found two other passengers, a middle-aged Bolivian woman and a young Bolivian man, and we set off to Sucre.  On our way there, we started chatting, and the middle-aged Bolivian woman was very excited that we are going to visit her city.  Though I couldn’t understand most of what she was saying, she kept saying Sucre is “muy lindo” (very pretty).

We got in late that night, and after dropping the two other passengers off the driver helped us to find a hostel.  We settled ourselves in a beautiful colonial building and the next day we found the entire town was painted in white colonial shade.  This colonial capital of Bolivia reminded me of old Sevilla or Lisbon.  The building structure and the way they decorated buildings were all similar to southern Spain’s style.

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