Sunday Brunch and Dance Studio Anniversary

2013-10-17 001

For my birthday (October 8), my mom got me a small cake. She also discovered my favorite dessert, cheese cake, in the same shop by accident.

2013-10-17 005

Moishe House held  Sunday Brunch for all the young professionals in the area

Current owners of the Moishe House Jamie and Yeho

Yeho got us all worried when he said that he messed up on making the hummus, but so far it was the most sensational item in the brunch.

A friend’s gift from Israel.

Other guests to the house.

My dance studio is in its 6th year. To celebrate the occasion, we rented the most well-known salsa club in town and partied it out.

2013-10-17 025

Spanish dancing

2013-10-17 029

Belly dancing with a mountain prayer at the beginning of the show

2013-10-17 030

2013-10-17 032

My salsa class also dished out their best

2013-10-17 035

2013-10-17 038

Awards for the 2 oldest members in the studio.  These two stuck with the studio since its humble beginning.

2013-10-17 039

Then we got the second old members, those members stayed with the studio since it was in its second year.

2013-10-17 040

Now the cake, with the owner in the middle (who is pregnant and about due)

Words from the oldest teacher in the studio, Ah Qiang, who teaches my Salsa class.

2013-10-17 048

Moving on with pop jazz

2013-10-17 049

Tibetan style

2013-10-17 051

2013-10-17 054

Belly dance with the teacher in the middle

Very beautiful moves from a man.

Flirting with the audience.

2013-10-17 063

Indian dance.

2013-10-17 067

Towards the end, another teacher who is well-known for his jazz pop class, made all the females under the stage screaming with joy.

2013-10-17 071

A bit of girlish playful.

2013-10-17 072

2013-10-17 076

2013-10-17 077


2013-10-17 078

Ethnic minority of Dai dance.  Because the group lives close to Thailand, their dance is also a bit similar to Thai dance.

2013-10-17 083