Let’s begin with a story.  On my first West Coast Swing (a type of swing dance) party coming back traveling around the world, I met this new girl.  Sunny is a Chinese American from California.  Since there were very, very few Chinese in the Texan swing dance scene, I took immediate interest in her.  For the three months I stayed, she came to quite a few Swing dance parties, but every time she would shun from all dancers who are not in the “cool” circle.

Here is the thing, Sunny is a beginner West Coast dancer. 

So the “cool” circle doesn’t really take her in either.

No matter how much she tried, she’s always standing there, alone. 

As someone who just came back from a year long trip, I’m not cool enough either so I tried to build a friendship with her, but she obviously doesn’t think that I’m cool enough to talk to her so she dodged me as well.

Eventually she hates Dallas enough that she went back to California.

Today, this person just accidentally popped up in my mind.  It just dawned on me:

1. No matter where you go, there are always people who doesn’t want to work their way up. There are always people who seek the shortcut and look down on those working from the bottom.   They are often left alone, but you are not the one to save them. 

2.  There is always this group of dancers who tend to forget to networking aspect of dancing.  They keep bundling people’s dancing skills with who they need to associate themselves with, as if dancing skills says everything about your work, your personality, your taste, your lifestyle, and if you are a good person in general. 

3. And here is another thing for those “Sunny” Americans (mostly, Californian native-born Chinese American) – their rule of law is stricter than the Constitution. Despite the fact that everyone else seemed fine with people like me, they will never consider you an American because you aren’t cool enough to be born in America.  Yet, they desperately want to join the rest of non-Chinese American society to be considered an “American”.

Thank god I’m in Texas, not California – I really hate compete how “American” I am.