Suzdal, Russia

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After a restful evening, I went to the bus station for Suzdal the next morning.  Fortunately the bus station was just across from the train station so that I don’t have to struggle with my horrible Russian to look for it.  While on the bus I found a lady who could speak a little English.  She told me she’s also getting off at Suzdal so don’t worry.  When we got to the Suzdal bus station, everyone was about to get off the bus.  Then the driver said something in Russian, then some people started fumbling out their change and handed them to the driver.  The lady told me to do the same, “give him 12 rubbles, it’s good for you.”  Really?  I wondered, why do I need to hand him my money?  Regardless, I handed him 12 rubbles, and went back to my seat like everyone else who paid.  The driver drove us out from the bus station, drove up some more road, till he hit several big buildings.  The lady told me, “this is your stop.” And then she told the driver to stop here.  I got off in front of these buildings- completely clueless.

It turned out that is their town center.

Suzdal is known as the center of old Orthodox order. This little village alone has 40 different Orthodox churches.  Though a lot of them were destroyed by the communists, reconstruction and renovation projects were everywhere.   Of course, during my visit I went in a lot of renovated, half-renovated, half-reconstructed, and abandoned churches alike.  The highlights in here was the big monastery just several blocks up from bus station.  However, that is also the most expensive site here.

I wish there is a bus also taking me back to the bus station from the town center – it is 2 kilometers in shadeless heat…  On my way I bumped into the two Taiwanese girls from my hostel in Vladmir – they are spending tonight here.  I was already exhausted in heat, and watching them with their huge backpacks and sunhats, needless to say  I was pretty impressed.  “How far are we from the town center?” they asked in their backpacks, sweating.  “Not far.” I encouranged – with their speed, they are just another 20 minutes from the town center.

From Suzdal, Russia, posted by Jenny Zheng on 10/19/2011 (175 items)

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