Swimsuit Exhibition in Gourd Island, Liaoning Province, China

Yulia was looking around for someone to replace her boyfriend (who went out on a business trip) to go on this swimsuit exhibition trip free of charge. They had a very good experience with another trade show the last time so I jumped on board with her.

2013-08-11 055

Instead of 3 hours, the trip actually took 5 hours to get there.  I was dead tired after the dinner so I decided to skip the optional opening ceremony and just nap instead.  After the nap I took an evening stroll around the area.  The hotel set right next to a river, where the cool evening breeze from the river lifted up my spirit from a day of wearisome travel.

2013-08-11 056

You could clearly see the bridge that connected the town.  Our hotel sits on my side of the bridge.

The rest of the gang came back at around 10pm, then Richard, the organizer of this group, took us out to a club just 40 minutes away by taxi.

Of course, for a small city of this size, having a group of foreigners entering a club is of no small business.  Richard was then righteously dragged up the stage by the hostess (on the right of this picture) to make some speeches in English.  Poor guy was so nervous that none of us could make out what he was saying….

2013-08-11 062

The gang.

2013-08-11 063

Another funny thing about this club… While everyone is partying, don’t forget leave your explosives behind.  They are so worried about it that they had this reminder in big characters scrolling across the marquee right in front of the DJ booth.

2013-08-11 068 (2)

Me going at the grapes.

2013-08-11 068

Neon light dancers

Apparently, it was someone’s birthday as well.  So we had a singer up there celebrating it in three different birthday songs.

2013-08-11 076

Guys dancing

2013-08-11 079

Bright and early, we had to wake up at 6:30 to get ready for the exhibition. Of course, we were greeted with  two iconic characters on stage.  A boy in his trunk and a girl in her bikini – untied.

2013-08-11 081

The girls at the exhibition.  Yulia and a Norwegian vendor who also acted as a part-time model.

2013-08-11 083_stitch

Guys sitting across gaping.. or gawking.

First set, the children’s swimwear.  Kids getting ready at it.

2013-08-11 092

2013-08-11 093

2013-08-11 100

Followed by numerous women’s swimwear from different companies.

I have to say, some of those looked like my normal workout cloth – you could really go to gyms with these in Texas.  But the above is so far great by my standard.

2013-08-11 115

To make my point about the gym cloth, look at the second from the right….

2013-08-11 117

Exhibition isn’t large, especially for the capital of swimsuit production, but it contained some interesting booths from the vendors, like this one.

They also did breast painting on one of the girl staff.  Of course, with breast cover since Chinese are still very conservative.

2013-08-11 123

They could even make your custom swimsuit on-site.

2013-08-11 124

Gift presentation

2013-08-11 125

After the models, a band show started

2013-08-11 127

Beautiful couples.

There is a small street selling gourd products outside of the exhibition pavilion,

2013-08-11 137

Gourd symbolize good luck in Chinese culture, so no wonder they are ideal artistic products.

2013-08-11 135

Paintings are gourds aren’t uncommon.

But those small ones are way more affordable

2013-08-11 138

There is also the “date supermarket” not far from the exhibition.

Where basic information of local singles were posted.  Basic as gender, age, height, education, where you live, what you do, how much you make, and your health condition – and no more.

Children’s corner, where excellent beach themed painting were glued to the floor.

2013-08-11 141


2013-08-11 144 (2)

And of course, the beach…

2013-08-11 145

Quite a few had set up tents right on the beach, since no body bothered to set up sun umbrellas over.

2013-08-11 146_stitch

Exhibition plaza (right) and the beach (left)

2013-08-11 153

Finally, someone decided to click a few pictures of me as I tested out the water.

Others trying out the water.

2013-08-11 164

We found a vendor selling different nut flavored cakes, so I decided to pay the high price of try them out.  I have to say, the wrapper looked a bit deceiving.