Swing Dance Party, Orchestra Shows, More Foods

2014-04-22 095

I didn’t get to attend Great Wall Swing Out, but I did make to their farewell party, where they have celebrated the festival’s 7th anniversary.

2014-04-22 097

Great Wall Swing Out, where you get to dance all weekend on the Great Wall, is the biggest swing dance festival in Beijing.  Dancers from all over Asia come here to celebrate.

2014-04-22 099

Blow out the candles.

2014-04-22 101

This party took place at Giggle’s Bar.

2014-04-22 104

2014-04-22 107

DJ is also an awesome dancer.

2014-04-22 106

DJ’s song list.

2014-04-22 108

The Shanghai girl I’m hosting for this festival.

2014-04-26 002

Friend took me to a orchestra show in Italian Embassy.  We thought it was an Italian orchestra coming, but it was high school students from one of the top music schools in China.  Merely teenager, these kids already hailed as music geniuses in the country.

2014-04-26 004

A self-organized orchestra, with new members hand-picked by the existing membership.  Besides general music guidance, everything else in the orchestra is managed by students themselves.

2014-04-26 005

The amazing performance from these students earned them tours around the world.


Found my favorite Japanese food place in the city.  Seeing is believing, every plate on the conveyer belt is 6 RMB (or 1USD).


Not bad, for $1.


People do all sorts of interesting things in subway trains, including shaving.


Had a Xinjiang noodle soup the other day, that was a very fulfilling “soup”.


Found these cute little games in a coffee shop.  This one you had to push the red botton on the bottom right, where it will send air pockets to push these little triangles up.  The goal is to manage these little triangles into a big pyramid. 


And a little slot machine that still works with a push of a pinky.