Swing Dancing and Custom Party

2014-03-16 001

Went swing dancing on Monday, watching Shin Sham, reminding me good o days.

2014-03-16 009

2014-03-16 011

Grab a partner and dance!

Checking out Internation’s Friday night network gathering.

2014-03-16 020_stitch

Everyone stayed at the bar area, the grand hall in the back remained almost empty.

2014-03-16 021

The busy bar.

2014-03-16 024

We had Purim, a Jewish celebration of happiness, on Saturday, where Moishe House invited everyone to their Jewish custom party.

2014-03-16 025

The holiday of Purim started with a story of how Jewish people prevailed during a time of repression.  Each of us took turns to read the story.

2014-03-16 026

Now the custom contest, all those came in customs lined up for judging

We the audiences put a little pasty on our favorite customs

the box obvious was the easiest to let the stickies to stay…

2014-03-16 030

The judge.

2014-03-16 031

social time Smile

2014-03-16 033

Found the cube guy sitting around, exhausted but happy.

2014-03-16 034

I fell in love with the boxer’s custom and had to try it out.

2014-03-16 035

Jaime and a hot policewoman