Tea-tasting, badminton, messages…

set17 002

Though I’m not a super fanatic, but my workplace had a tea-tasting session, it’s just hard to pass up free stuff, especially during work Smile

set17 007

The lady comes from a tea company, apparently they work these tea sessions to promote their rather expensive teas ($500 for 12 tea bags, anyone?)

set17 005

Ok, though I am Chinese, I have no idea what those tools are for…

set17 008

tea cups

set17 009

stirring spoons

set17 014

brewing time

set17 016


set17 017

first brew is ready

set17 018set17 021

I do have to say, though the tea we tasted is not one of those super expensive ones, this is probably one of the best red tea I have tried…..  The color stayed for 5-6 brews.

set17 024

besides Ping-Pong, China is also pretty big on badminton… that weekend I had my first dig on this rather peculiar sport.

set17 031

the guys in action…. Ok, it’s not too far from tennis, except you gotta lift your head and raise your elbows a lot more, great for your spines after long hours of computer work

set17 033

of course, after the badminton, I also had my first 2-hour message+facial session in Beijing.  I love Chinese messages, not only was shower included, most of their therapists know what they are doing.  Of course, it also means people waiting outside will hear screaming from inside….

set17 043

My colleague gave me a milk-tea bag, and they tasted pretty authentic… as long as you are not a high maintenance who want those bubbles (those take forever to make by hand).

set17 044

Found a man laying on the sidewalk with a seizure, fortunately he was just a dozen blocks away from Tian’AnMen square where there are quite a few nice people around….