Ten Miles Gallery, Yangshuo, Guangxi Province, China

After the bamboo raft, we strolled along what’s so called “ten-mile gallery”, or a scenery road stretched for some 10 li (Chinese distance measurement),  equivalent of 5km.

2013-11-18 266

First stop, the Old Banyan Tree.

2013-11-18 268

It has survived wind and rain over centuries since it was planted during the Sui Dynasty (581-618)

2013-11-18 271

After some 1,500 years, it has extended its branches in all directions and firmly clutched onto its earth with his gigantic roots.

2013-11-18 275_stitch

Some students bamboo rafting on the river before the monstrous banyan tree.

2013-11-18 276 (2)

Found a farm along the way to our next destination, where you could pick strawberries by yourself.

2013-11-18 276

and they provided us lunch under their cozy farm shade.

2013-11-18 279

Next, Yulong Cave

2013-11-18 280

Part of the cave is composed of water way

2013-11-18 283

Where the boats quietly waited us to unveil its mystry

2013-11-18 285

taking a boat to get to the rest of the cave.

2013-11-18 288_stitch

Like most of other Chinese caverns, the cave is decked out in all sorts of colors

2013-11-18 297

This rock looks like a horse

2013-11-18 301

This part is noted for its white stone hanging cloud-like top left.

2013-11-18 309

Then we browsed the hall of weird stones

2013-11-18 311

Like this one, you could almost see two old men kissing…

Scenery to the next destination.

Next destination, the moon hill, or a gigantic piece of rock with a hole under it so that it looks like a moon hanging halfway in the sky from the distance.

The moon hill is actually a park, to block visitors from taking pictures outside the park, the park planted bamboos around it.  So we had to step back into the village next to the park.

2013-11-18 334

Silhouettes of mountains as we strolled along the scenery road.

2013-11-18 335_stitch

Next up, Butterfly Spring.

2013-11-18 345

The butterfly spring is an underground spring accessible via a cave.

The source of the spring is located under a rock that shaped like a butterfly.

2013-11-18 350_stitch

2013-11-18 354

Other butterfly-like rocks

2013-11-18 356

Exiting the other side of the cave we found a hanging bridge 40 meters above the valley.

2013-11-18 359

Line up, don’t look down if you are prone to vertigo.

2013-11-18 363

Wooden theatre houses in the valley.

2013-11-18 365

Reaching the other end, we are squeezed into a series of narrowly arranged rocks, one at a time, with tight turns

Finally getting to the top, the view is of course, rewarding.

2013-11-18 376

Heading to the theatre downhill, we are greeted with a local ethnic performance starting with, of course, how young men and women court each other.

2013-11-18 377

Three single guys pruned from the audience to match make with the beautiful local potentials.

2013-11-18 379

After one of the poor guys doomed to sing a love song in front of the girls along with a few hundred audiences, he was chosen to be the winner in the group, and…

2013-11-18 382

paraded amid the cheering crowd painted and garlanded.

2013-11-18 384

Girl on the left: village pageant, selected with 4 criterion: both parents living, 4 generations in the house, single, and (I forgot)

Girl on the right: wealth pageant, selected with 3 criterion: both parents living, single, and family overflown with riches.

2013-11-18 386

Other dances

This guy played a song by blowing a piece of leaf.

2013-11-18 390

Introducing his ethnic group Yao.

2013-11-18 393

Next destination, the Totem Village.

A lion swimming in money.

Arriving at the village entrance

2013-11-18 404

Our guide.

Centerpiece of this village park, a totem.

Before meeting the villagers, everyone will get a mark on his/her face.

My mom’s mark.

Welcome dance.

2013-11-18 421

Competing to marry a girl. Two guys were dragged onto the stage for demonstration. First they blow into a long horn, whoever could stay the longest wins.

The winner gets the girl. The loser, well, that is up to the audience.

2013-11-18 425

Demos on some of the earliest settlements

2013-11-18 426

2013-11-18 428

A workshop making stuff out of bull’s horns

2013-11-18 436

a traditional weaving shop

Also a stage

2013-11-18 440

Of different performance.

2013-11-18 459

Matching up a girl by watching her bathe from behind.

2013-11-18 461

Stunt man stepping into a fire caldron bare feet.

2013-11-18 465

Went to the stand where they make this frog cake.

Frog cake didn’t receive its entitlement from its delicious filling, but its rather froggy contour.