Texas Night–UT Alumni Beijing Chapter

My alma mater alum association decided to squeeze our resources together and organize a Texas themed banquet.  It’s our first try since the dawn of humankind, we also invited folks from other Texas colleges join us.

One of our alums had a connection with one of the newest 4 star hotels in town.  The rental wasn’t cheap but at least we had a discount, making the event possible with our next-to-nothing budget.

2015-01-13 002

As part of the organization team, I showed up early, my assignment – pumping balloons.

2015-01-13 003 (2)

Putting up Texas flag

2015-01-13 005

2015-01-13 006

The hotel even dressed up their servers in cowboy outfits.

2015-01-13 007

2015-01-13 009

Southern Methodist University and University of Texas.

2015-01-13 013_stitch

2015-01-13 015

Steaks stand.

Signature board, people lined up for their turn.

Thomas, a fellow BBA.

2015-01-13 019

Gah can’t imagine I’m so big now, what used to be my best outline dress now a best hookerish endeavor.

2015-01-13 020

Between the balloons I pumped up.

2015-01-13 025

Representatives from Beijing Chaoyang District Entrepreneurial Bureau came and supported us.

2015-01-13 026

Kids sang “Let Go” from the movie Frozen.  I can see myself dancing in that song Smile

Ruffle time.

2015-01-13 034

Famous actor showing up, giving speech, autograph and posing pictures.

Chinese and Japanese Texans.