The China Rush

It still feels like a dream… 10 days ago I was still dreaming about Hui’s wedding, the wine tour in Wala Wala Valley, and the upcoming dance events…. and how did I end up here in China all the sudden?

My grandma was sent to critical condition room last Monday. I seriously thought she could not make it this time and I was so sad because I was not next to her. Like a lot of Chinese kids, I was raised by my grandma when I was little, and I was very close to her all my life. She is the person who loved me the most and will probably always be that person. I planned to go to China in August and live for a while so that I could stay closer to her.

Since I was going to China in August, my new passport was still in process at the time. I called in passport service 4 times that day when my grandma was sent to the hospital and begged for a faster service, but my passport is already in its mail-out position. To expedite the passport they need to reprint the passport, which will take longer. I was told the best way is just wait it out….

As soon as I sent my mom off to the aiport that Thursday morning, my passport arrived and I was on my way to Houston that night. I got my visa on Friday and I was on my way to here this Tuesday…

I had to cancel a friend’s wedding, a dance event, and two plane tickets to come here… It all went so fast that it felt like a dream… it took me a while to accept that I am in China now.  Not to mention how fast money went in the past 10 days…