The Most Frustrating Internet

China has by far the most frustrating internet service – I haven’t been to middle east so I can’t attest that in comparison.  For little as $13-15 a month you could get what’s so-called high-speed internet – high-speed only when it works – that’s the detail they won’t tell you in the adverts (which unfortunately adds to the impression of cheap low quality products). Everyday there is at least half an hour of no internet while I was online. It’s one thing that there is occasional disconnection then it immediately connects back, it’s another when there is a prolonged disconnection everyday when I am actually needing it to do something. Later I was told that there is potential censoring during my data transfers that may slow down the internet connection, ok, but it’s a slow-down, not a entirely -pop- disconnection. I have stuff transferring in the middle, or I want to look something up real quickly, next thing I know I can’t connect in like forever. Imagine how excited I was when I wanted to update something on my blog then all the sudden nothing on internet works T.T