Tian’anmen Square, Beijing, China

2014-06-23 124

Day 2, we went to Tian’anmen Square, the center of Beijing.

2014-06-23 125

You have to touch these knobs on the gate for good fortune.

2014-06-23 126

First court.

2014-06-23 127


We decided to get on the front tower to take a panoramic view of the square.

This is where the leaders of the country appear for important events in the square, including watching over the military parades.

2014-06-23 131_stitch

The view of Tian’anmen Square from the top.


2014-06-23 137

Secret police standing by the edge of the tower.

First national emblem.

2014-06-23 141

First gate.

2014-06-23 142

After entering it.

Map of the palace

2014-06-23 145.

Haider (and other tourists).

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2014-06-23 153


2014-06-23 159_stitch

2014-06-23 161

Another throne.

2014-06-23 163_stitch

2014-06-23 166

This throne is mostly shown in TVs and movies.

2014-06-23 167

Going to back garden.

Hilary joined us later that day.

Gallery bridge…

2014-06-23 181

With crazy carving on its ceiling.

Stony hill.

2014-06-23 193

Getting out the palace from its back door, we saw Jingshan Park, what rumored to be an old coal hill later decorated into a beautiful imperial garden, was also here the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Chongzhen, committed suicide by hanging himself in 1644.

2014-06-23 195

We spotted an old man playing Tianjin Kuai ban at the foot of the hill.  Kuai ban an ancient form of storytelling.  It is my first time listening to it live. 

Up the hill we go.

Almost to the top, but we could already see everything in the palace.

2014-06-23 216

2014-06-23 218

With Hilary, my bff since high school! We all made our way from Plano to here… somehow! who would have figured!

2014-06-23 221

National Opera theatre stood out from a bunch of historical and communist style buildings.


Sunset, everyone’s on his/her way out.

2014-06-23 228

Interesting English.

Haider is again carry backpacks, this time just Hilary’s pink backpack.

2014-06-23 232

Elderly people dancing Xinjiang style at the foot of the hill.

2014-06-23 234

We spent half an hour looking for the tree where the emperor had hang himself.  To our relieve, our efforts were not in vain Winking smile

The tree.

Haider trying out Beijing yogurt.

2014-06-23 237

2014-06-23 239

Then we went to the original Quanjude roast duck shop for dinner.

2014-06-23 242

It’s only 5:30pm and the tables were full.  We had to wait for 3-5 groups of people before us.

there are three way to cut a duck, which way would u like?