TianJin, China

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Having the worst time crossing the border so far, I did not know that registration in Mongolia was such a big deal – they did not care about that in Russia as long as you got your visa straight.

Well apparently you have to register if you stay over 30 days even though you could legally stay for 90 days. Anyways, they gave me a very hard time at the border, including going over my bags and going through my stuff on the computer.  I couldn’t pay them $200 fine because I simply do not have that much and I was about to get jailed over that.  Fortunately I met Pavel at the immigration who helped me through the night.  With his Mongolian driver we eventually settled the fine at $130.    Unfortunately by then it was too late to cross the border and I eventually had to stay overnight.  Pavel again helped me by renting a bigger hotel room so that we could share the hotel together and sharing the food with me.

Since I overstayed in Mongolia for one more night, I got in TianJin a day late.  My best friend from high school Hilary is currently studying her doctor degree in Chinese medicine here. Though she was very busy and we didn’t have much time to hang out together as I had expected, but we still had a lot of fun when we were together.

From TianJin, China, posted by Jenny Zheng on 11/22/2011 (154 items)

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