Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina

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My couchsurfing host is a tour guide for this park. While exploring the park I bump into him working with a family of tourists.  I felt like there were full of coincidences between us.  The last night in the hostel and now….

At “end of the world”, this place feels like a fairytale with changing color trees, endless water, and snowcapped mountains on the horizon.   I read about a little island off the coast of Tierra del Fuego and I felt like this would be a great place to start my hike of the day.  I was the only tourist to Isla Redonda.  Two handsome Argentinians who were brothers drove a zodiac to fetch me that morning.  They lived in Ushuaia and took care of the island during the summer tourist season.  I did not expect this place was so windy so one of the brothers lent me a wind blazer for the time being.  The island was small so you could finish walking around here in about an hour.  It has a police station and a port that receives tourist zodiacs and boats. I was truly amazed with its idyllic sceneries, and the fact that I was alone gave me plenty of space to reflect upon this place.  It felt like a world of its own with ever-ending blue skys and blue water and snowcapped mountains.

They dropped me back to the main land by a beach not far from the port.  Later I met up with several other hikers and we visited the Black Lake where Ruta 3 – the famous highway that runs along Argentine east coast from North of Argentina to the very southern tip of Argentina – ends here.  Remembering starting at the top of this Route 3 at the border between Bolivian and Argentinian border a month ago and now I’m here at its end, so many things happened, and I felt so changed.

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